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Stay at CDS in your own space

At CDS we have created at space for you to come and train and stay at. There will be space for you to be yourself, explore the streets and of course train your ass of in our 150 square meters dance studio. You will have your own bedroom, bathroom and shower. We have also provided a space where you can train yourself, if you would like to dance, streach or just be. 


a timeless stay at CDS

A stay in the CDS appartment means a whole week of dancing, luxury and full focus on you personal and your development.
Our CDS appartment is located on the first floor of our building, which means you´ll be able to walk into class without going outside. 
The appartment has everything you need for a perfect dance get away, that also gives you a little feeling of being pampered. The appartmnet has the vibe of staying at a hotel, own bathroom, own bath, closet, double bed with full linens and all needed. Internet, water boiler for te and coffee. Towels, shampoo and everything you need.


The downstairs kitchen is for everyone and here you can warm food, and store food in fridge. 

The package for a week includes 25 + dance classes, individuel feedback, photoshoot and coaching. Classes in all styles, conteomporary, hip hop, grooves, heels, technique, improve, cardio and the list goes on.
A whole week incl. 25 classes and stay at the appartment 10.000 kr. 

CDS offers dance travels to Copenhagen where we will be taking care of all accommodation, schedule, private classes, photoshoots, videoshoots and more. 

a timeless stay at CDE Apartment

We also have our own CDE apartment which houses 4 students, its located 15 min. walk from the studio. 
The appartment has 4 rooms in different sizes, which also means the price variates. 
The kitchen is fully set up with plates, cups and utillities for everyone to use.
We offer rooms either empty for the student to set up them selves, or we can make it ready for you for an extra cost.
The appartment has washer and dryer, + dishwasher. 
The price for smallest room incl. everything is 5000 and the biggest 7000 kr.
There is a deposit of 3 months rent that you will get back when moving out.

Staying at CDs is super easy. We will fit your schedule when it comes to how long and when you would like to stay at CDs and train. 


Please email us and we will find the best solution together:

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