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You can stay near CDS!
We now have our own CDE appartment which houses 4 students, its located 15 min. walk from the studio. 
The appartment has 4 rooms in different sizes, which also means the price variates. 
The kitchen is fully set up with plates, cups and utillities for everyone to use.
We offer rooms either empty for the student to set up them selves, or we can make it ready for you for an extra cost.
The appartment has washer and dryer, + dishwasher. 
The price for smallest room incl. everything is 5000 and the biggest 7000 kr.
There is a deposit of 3 months rent that you will get back when moving out.


10 month education

Copenhagen Dance Education is a day training that Copenhagen Dance Space offers under the leadership, creative development and personal feedback to the student, by Josefin Bjerkensjø head of CDS.

Based on specialization and development within the commercial dance scene’s stage language and expression, combined with the expressive and visual, experimental dance genre that moves in the theater space and the world of performances.

The idea of ​​the program is to create strong and stage dancers who understand how to add the commercial scene to an artistic and unique expression.

We take each student’s talent seriously and work to give them all the right tools to develop their particular style and expression. Everyone is seen and worked on based on their specific knowledge and desire for goals. We continuously create many creative tasks, such as creating a piece, working with who in the group is the choreographer and dancer, partnering, tricks, lifting, etc.

In addition to this, the student also has the opportunity to work in front of a camera, be part of smaller dance shows and performances, creative classes with live music, classes in work with his own choreography and understanding of building the same, partner work, preparation for teaching situations, acrobatic lessons and own departure performance at a major theater in CPH. Previous performances during the program have been held at Pakhus 11, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Flysimulatoren Amager, Østergasværk and VEGA.

As part of the program, the student will have the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles in the winter of 2021 and receive instruction from the industry’s most important choreographers and dancers.

In addition, the students receive monthly feedback and evaluation, as part of their course, not only by the educational director Josefin Bjerkensjø but also by the different teachers during the period.

Admission to the program takes place via the submission of video material as well as information about previous experience in both performance and teaching – The students are selected by the owner and education manager, Josefin Bjerkensjö.

Send a text about yourself to – as well as video clips where you dance. And we will respond to you as soon as possible.

The program has 25 regular hours per week, weekdays from 9.00am – 3.00pm.

Over 165 students have completed their education over the past 7 years, and the upcoming season offers plenty of exciting new initiatives.

Educators in education Ricky Jinks UK, Lukas McFarlane UK, Ainsley Rickets UK, Dean Lee UK; Mary Ann Charvez US, Andye J US, Sienna Lyons US, Mark Philip DK, Stephanie Thomasen DK, Didde Mie Lykke From DK, Maximilian UK, Kimberley Taylor UK, Sisco Gomez UK, Ali Hayder DK, Zachary Venegas US, Juliette Shauffus Dk, Rachel Kay UK and many many more. Approximately 80% of the training hours are taught by recognized foreign teachers.

In addition to dancer-related hours, the focus is on the dancer being in good shape. That’s why Reformer includes hours, Barre hours, Turns classes, Tricks & Jumps Hours, Hot Yoga, Strong Core, Cardio hours, Circle Exercise, Running Sessions and more.

The program takes a maximum of 25 students.

Our upcoming season will take place in new premises, Denmark’s largest studio. Here all hours can take shape and help the student get the absolute best training.

At the end of the year you will receive your resume, prepared by Copenhagen Dance Space in collaboration with the student himself, as well as the opinion / recommendation of the education’s responsible Josefin Bjerkensjø, the examination proof, as well as the head shot taken by a professional photographer in a photo studio.

– Then this education is something for you! 

"I believe that seeing the students for who they are will bring out the right dancer in them!" - Josefin

Pris for fuld uddannelse:

Without trip to Los Angeles: DKK 62.000,

With trip to Los Angeles: DKK 79.000,-

Payment through:

By full payment: DKK 58.000,- // you safe DKK 4.000,-

Pay in rates:  First payment: DKK 32.000 kr. // After that you will pay 1 rate at12.000 kr. and afterwords 3 rates of 10.000 kr.

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The Education has around 60 teachers from abroad.

We do physical training 3 times a week. Cardio, stamina and strength that are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 1 module is 1 hour 15 minutes.

You cannot be a complete beginner if you want to take CDE, you have to know how to take hours and be confident in your own language. Understand that you have to know why you start, what you intend to get out of it. But whether one’s strength is commercial choreography, freestyle or modern is not important.

We have lunch every day 11.30 – 12.15 and this you make sure we have kitchens so you can prepare food and also have your lunch in the fridge from the morning.

Unfortunately no, but you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, pants, suitcases etc. to a good price. This is with a special vintage logo.

You get 2 shoots, one before the Christmas holidays which is always taken on the reef tail island, in black and white full body look, and a shoot which are headshots in studio, which are used both in program and foyer for the departure show, and you get it in print and by mail along with a diploma, so you can use it for auditions with your resume.


We constantly have Katrine Nordahl, our regular videographer, who films both improv classes and vibes per hour, but also actual video classes where you get a video of yourself.

The Black Box Project is where in the program you work on a solo or duet you perform in a black box and then get feedback from industry people, agency dancers and educators.

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