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We welcome dancers from all over the world to join us at

Copenhagen Dance Space

Copenhagen Dance Education is a training program that Copenhagen Dance Space offers under the direction of Josefin Bjerkensjø. Bjerkensjø is the head of CDS and provides her leadership, creative development, and personal feedback to the students of Copenhagen Dance Education.

CDE offers students a diverse education with a focus on the commercial dance scene. This specialization is then combined with the expressive and visual experimental dance genre that occurs in theater spaces, allowing for rich experiences and lessons in performance.

The program aims to create strong, confident stage dancers who can add their unique artistic expression to the commercial dance scene.

We take the talent of each student very seriously, and we work to give them the right tools to develop their own individual style. We tailor how we work with each student based on their specific goals.

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with many creative tasks to further their craft during this program, such as by working in front of a camera (photo and video), choreographing, partnering, preparing for future teaching, attending creative classes with live music, interacting with international students and faculty, and performing in both small and large shows.

The final show of the program takes place at a major theatre in Copenhagen – previous performances have been held at Pakhus 11, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Flysimulatoren Amager, Østergasværk, and VEGA.

Additionally, in order to develop strong, well-rounded dancers, CDE includes classes that focus on improvisation, technique, performance, barre, turns, reformer work, acrobatics/tricks, jumps, lifts, hot yoga, strong core, cardio, circle exercise, running, and more.

Individual student feedback and evaluations are given monthly by director Josefin Bjerkensjø and by different teachers throughout the program.


And then tells us how you can not choose to join Copenhagen Dance Education for the upcoming season?

Amina From Switzerland

Annabelle From Germany

Amalie From Noway

Tiegan From UK

WAtch CDE #9s graduation show

Our Copenhagen Dance Education #9 gave it all they got live at Nikolaj Kunsthal!  

International teachers from all over the world

80% of your teachers are international

We regularly fly the best dancers in to teach the education


Approximately 80% of the program’s training hours are taught by established foreign teachers.

Here are just a few of the instructors we have brought in for CDE: Ricky Jinks (UK), Lukas McFarlane (UK), Ainsley Ricketts (UK), Dean Lee (UK); Mary Ann Chavez (US), Andye J (US), Sienna Lyons (US), Mark Philip (DK), Stephanie Thomasen (DK), Didde Mie Lykke From (DK), Maximilian (UK), Kimberley Taylor (UK), Sisco Gomez (UK), Ali Hayder (DK), Zachary Venegas (US), Juliette Shauffus (DK), Rachel Kay (UK), and many more…

Admission to CDE is based on a video submission and on information regarding a student’s previous experiences. Owner and education manager, Josefin Bjerkensjø, selects the students. We accept a maximum of 25 students per season.

CDE requires 25 regular hours per week – meeting weekdays from 9:00am-3:00pm.
Over 165 students have completed CDE in the last 7 years, and the upcoming season offers plenty of exciting new initiatives.

In the winter of 2021, students will have the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, CA to receive instruction from some of the industry’s most renowned choreographers and dancers.

At the end of the program, students will receive their resume, (which is prepared by CDS in collaboration with the student), as well as a recommendation from Josefin Bjerkensjø, proof of examination, and professional headshots.

CDS recently moved to a larger facility! Our new studio space allows for the highest quality instruction and training.

- Then Copenhagen Dance Education is the right program for you!

Træn med eksperterne

Meet your Teachers

Toby Deedaran

Emma Yang Bang

Lisa Spencer

Brian Friedman

Live close to the studio with other students

  • 4 bedroom apartments.
  • 15 min by buss to the studio.
  • 15 min by metro to centrum.
  • 1 min walk to the metro.
  • Prices between 5.000 kr. – 7.000 kr. per month.
  • Fully furnished.
  • Full equipped. kitchen
  • Washer, dryer & dishwasher.
  • Shared bathroom & kitchen.
  • Deposit of 3 months rent.

Live in the charming city of Copenhagen close to your dance studio.

Our CDE Apartments

CDS has in total 3 CDE apartments available for new students

former students

Pictures from the education