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Individual program

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Individual program

At Copenhagen Dance Space, you can book a one-hour class or a course at any time. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a style, prepare yourself for competition or have to work with personal expression.

We can offer tuition to the individual dancer based on what their wishes and goals are. We also offer the purchase of larger packages incl. shoots.

Write to us and we will make a good course for you.


What can you expect?

One must be prepared to train one of the most intense hours of one’s life. The focus is 100 Percent on the student in the full hour and therefore it is physically and mentally hard.

You can expect to leave with many really useful notes for your workmanship, technique and skills, which you can use when taking hours ahead.

You must be willing to train hard and give everything of yourself, which is why we also recommend that one-hour classes are for those who have wanted to take their dance a step further and really be ready to work with themselves.

You get a full hour filled with feedback, good notes and lots of criticism. The teacher will film with his own mobile before the end of the class. Thus, you can combine both notes and feedback with what you see in the video, that way you can remember to use these notes for hours you take afterwards.

A single one-hour DOES NOT incl. shoot and video, but if you buy a coach’s course or a package, video and photoshoot are included.

YOur teachers

Choreographer & performer

Bjerkensjoe&From Productions
Didde mie from
Josefin Bjerkensjö Canfield

Didde and Josefin will be your regular coaches and assess what kind of training and teaching is best for you. There will also be an opportunity for specific teachers to be accommodated.

With the Individual coach program, you get one-hour lessons with a 100% starting point in your potential and talent, so that you can take your dance to the next level.
Didde Mie From teaches classes, as well as Mille Lund & Ida Vibe (all CDSmanagement) they go in depth with the student’s technical skills, use of center and expression, work with personal expression and style, and make sure that the dancer after the course has a better understanding of his own strengths and his personal brand.

Josefin gives feedback and helps via photoshoot and video to create a persona that suits the dancer, through material the student can use afterwards.
The whole program helps to give the student a starting point to be one step closer to their own personal understanding and many levels more proficient.

photoshoots from this program


Yes! No matter which level you are at, you can participate on this program. We tailor each program, so it fits you. 

A good mood, lots of water and power!

All of your private lessons will be either at either of our two dance studios.

Every age can benefit from this program. We meet up before and tailor it from your age, level of skill and goals for your dancing.  

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