Singing lessons

Use your voice to express yourself

strengthen your singing voice

A program with 100% focus on you and your singing voice. Learn the right techniques and get ready to perform in front of an audience!
It is an intimate program where you and Ida will produce the best in you and your voice.

Vocal coaching

You now have the opportunity to train with a vocal coach so that you can be prepared for both audition, performance and recording. This course is for you who want to take your song to the next level and who want to make a living from singing professionally. The course is purchased with 5 times of 35 min.

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Singing lessons

Here, techniques and warm-up exercises are trained which form the basis for singing various songs. There is plenty of opportunity to help select the songs yourself. The song is accompanied by piano.

The singing lessons take place as one-to-one lessons, but there is also the opportunity to go together, in pairs. Teaching is basically resp. 35 or 40 minutes, once about outside in a season, but we can arrange 1-hour tuition, as well as cut card scheme with 10 times. We work together with the teacher to find exactly the goal that students themselves want to set, as well as find the style that the individual student wants to have in his or her singing.

There is an opportunity for individual students to be asked to perform at the dance school's graduation show, all students are given the opportunity to participate in a Christmas concert and spring concert. We offer both singing for beginners and experienced students.

Meet your coach

Ida Spinner is a singer and songwriter with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Already at the age of 17, she joined Axis Mundi, a project started by Jacob Moth, a former Savage Rose guitarist. Shortly after, she became the choir singer for the then record current Ann-Louise, and has also performed with the band Saybia. Ida has appeared on several albums by i.a. Yasmin, The Bioriginals, Son of Sun, Byræven, Melomani, Subterranean Street Society and others, and has sung commercials for TV.

In 2009, she completed the album “In The Dark” with Thomas Dahl, with whom she had the duo WOLF LIES DOWN. The record was mixed by Troels Abrahamsen from Veto. Everything can be heard on all streaming services. Since then, Ida, in collaboration with Louis Puggard Müller, has composed music for the major productions from Copenhagen Dance Space and often also been part of the show. Ida Spinner has taught singing for 10 years and has performed on many of the country’s stages, from Rust and Pumpehuset to The Royal Theater.

Vocal coach:

Do you want to become a good vocalist with a wide range, sing backup choirs in musicals, or just have a little more control and knowledge of your voice, Ida will help you with the work it takes to reach your goal. Techniques and breathing exercises are trained, but most importantly, we focus on finding your voice, exploring what it and you can do. It can be very borderline to have to sing when you are not used to it.

Therefore, one-hour lessons are really good for starting up quietly and daring to open up to the sound, and with Ida you are in completely safe hands.

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