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Copenhagen Dance Space is a danish Danceschool, Dance education, Agency, Dance Travel Host and theater production company.

The company is owned and created by Josefin Bjerkensjø, she created it in 2009.

We offer classes for intermediate / advanced dansers.

Our focus is to help dancers start working professional , we understand how to see their talent and use it to the fullest. We aim to make dancers original, strong and professional in their way of making dance their profession. 

Copenhagen Dance Space is a central located studio that has multiple dance programs, a day education and also combines the classes with singing and acting lessons. 

Teachers to name a few that either has tought or will teach at CDS:

SIsco Gomes UK, Karon Lynn US, Andye J US, Brian Friedman US, Dominic Lawrence UK, Andye J US, Ricky Jinks UK, Lukas Mcfarlane UK, Kimberley Taylor UK and many more.

We work primarily with dancers thats interested in taking their dancing out in front of an audience, if its a giant stadium, small black box theater or in front of a camera. Besides the studio, the classes, programs and education, we host some of the biggest dance events in Denmark and create multiple theater productions with both students of the different programs but also productions created with some of Denmarks best dancers hired through audition. 



Our biggest event is the CCDC ( Copenhagen Choreographer´s Dance Competition ) A dance competition put up as a show.

We have visited almost every theater i Copenhagen , either with our big events like ccdc and with our Theater productions big or small. 

We have musicians creating music for shows, graffic designers making visuals, photographer and make up artist doing professional shoots and camera men filming and editing concept videos, shortsfilms and music videos.

Our company is very visual and we focus on being original, unique and very artistic.

Our sister company Bjerkensjoe&Fromproductions is our event bureau that create shows, happenings and basically anything you can imagine for corporate events or shows – for more info: www.bjerkensjoeproductions.dk

We design and make costumes and creations, and we can take our costumers into what kind of world they would like, circus, flower, century, navy and much more. 

Copenhagen dance space also owns denmarks only dance agency, our dancers have worked on to name a few:

Voice Uk , Britt awards, Denmarks got talent, NNit Buisness party, copenhagen cultural night, universal music denmark, uefa champions league final for Black Eyed Peas, X factor uk, Malmø Operaen, Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue and so many more.  

 To sum up we are an all around dance event, dance school, dance education, dance agency and dance space – that works in many many aspects to make dancing a langue many many people speak and understand.

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