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Commit yourself to 2,5 month with so much training, feedback, evolving, growing and so much more with this dance program WORK UK. We started   this program in 2018 and is still thriving, This experience will be including 1 week in Copenhagen dancing with Copenhagen Dance Space Dancers prepping for the theater production Unpacked or Performance Class. You will be apart of CDS’ biggest production of the year! See more info below and references from our previous attendies. 


CDS and the UK!

The lay out

Copenhagen Dance space is branching out – and opening an dance program in London from January 2021 – April 2020.

The program has same focus as the Danish WORK PROGRAM, to help advanced dancers take their dancing to the level of working professional not only in London but all over the world. 

We will do that by given the students intensive dance classes, with focus on feedback and personal development.

This is nothing like a normal class would be, this has a 100 procent focus on the individual dancers journey and goals.

The teachers will be the best in the industry and they will work on the students weaknesses by helping them become the strongest most individual and unique dancers with focus on the commercial dance scene.

The Program will have mock auditions, mentorship classes, showings for bookers and agents and all of the education will have one focus to make the dancer their own brand.

“I love to bring out the best in people! That's my goal!"

Therefor the students will have photoshoot to put professional pictures in their portfolio, taken in Copenhagen by CDS photographer, work on creating a correct and fullfilled CV and the students will travel to Denmark to perform in a danish theater production with danish dancers for a whole week. 

That way they will get to write a foreign job on their resume, they will network with danish dancers and choreographer´s. 

Josefin Bjerkensjø Canfield CEO of Copenhagen Dance Space will be the mentor for the WORK PROGRAM UK, and will be the main person in communication with the dancers about dreams, goals and work plans.

There will be 6 hours weekly. 

For more information see flyer or contact us on email.

We take in students from now on and until start in Janaury 

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